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2019 Winter Schedule

Angel Series

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Sunday, January 13, 2019
6:00 PM CST / 7:00 PM EST
2019 Yearly Message
with Lord Maitreya

Sunday, January 20, 2019
6:00 PM CST / 7:00 PM EST
Acknowledging Life Beyond Death
with Freddie Mercury of Queen

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Greetings to All ~

Welcome to the new offerings for the season ahead. These many varied channelings are not only informative, but supportive in times of considerable change. The holiday season is often approached with joy in one’s heart for a time of sharing and light. This year is no exception as you will see from the angelic realm channelings offered once again. This year you will have quite a variety of those from this angelic realm to explore further your connection and love for those around you in your lives. I am also putting forth additional information from our ancient mysteries collection, while Lord Maitryea brings to you, once again, a yearly update and prognostication for 2019. Although an overview, he speaks with such light as to affect even the most detached listener. And the span increases with Freddie Mercury coming back once again to share with you some perception of life beyond 3D and how his connection to Lois began. His popularity on earth now may be of further interest to learning more of his expanded life, yet with connection here.

This is a season where love is to prevail among you. Often it is not so as things become more embroiled. Listening simply to the beloved beings of light supports your higher intentions and hearts of love in the days ahead. We welcome you with open arms.

~ Thoth

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Cost of the five-class package is $125.00; individual classes are $25.00. Cost of the ten-class package is $240.00. Transcriptions of classes available, by the end of the week to those who attend classes. Transcripts are $5.00 per class.

The teleconferences are scheduled to begin at 4:00 PM Pacific Time / 5:00 PM Mountain time / 6:00 PM Central time / 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

Our World Service meditation, Anchoring Light, begins one hour prior to the channeling. If you’re interested, click here to learn more about it.

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Anchoring Light Meditation

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THE AIDS REVOLUTION: A Spiritual Perspective

with Freddie Mercury, Masters Thoth and Hilarion
channeled by Lois Hartwick

Freddy Mercury

Beloved darlings of light ~

I come to you with a happy and full heart today, although I must say it has not always been that way. At least there has been enormous transition that has taken place in my spirit and soul. When I came to move through this dynamic of having this illness, I knew music would be my salvation. I did not know consciously it was because it had a specific vibration I was able to bring into my being day after day after day, even though I was experiencing levels of depression or pain or a variety of changes within my body I did not want to see or go through, that music became the sole drive to take me through this given situation.

Because of that, I had in some ways a much better experience than many others. On the other hand, there was much judgment placed upon me and people endlessly seeking some story for the newspapers, for the media, for the gossip columns, so that I became such an object of pursuit and not in a happy and joyous fashion. This in and of itself became a greater effort for me to hide, and at some point I did not choose to face the public as I was.