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2019 Winter Schedule

Ascension Practices

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A NOTE FROM LOIS:  For this series of 9, the amount per class is $25.00 or $225.00.  But am offering at $25.00 discount for those taking all 9–one class free–so the total amount would be $200.00.  Additionally $5.00 is taken off the full amount for the transcriptions, which normally would total $45.00 and are now $40.00.  I thank you for your continual participation and hope this reflects my appreciation a tiny bit!

Ascension Practices
Contacting Your AncestorsFebruary 3with Kuthumi - Do they support you? How does your lineage work up ahead? What carryovers must yet be cleared?Register Today
Clearing Practices for Opening New DoorwaysFebruary 10with St Germain - Including Violet Flame practicesRegister Today
Moving Toward WholenessFebruary 17with Hilarion - What are the changes you need to embrace?Register Today
Divine FeminineFebruary 24with Lady Portia - What masters are confirming and securing the movement ahead needed for this frequency shift?Register Today
KarmaMarch 3with Kwan Yin - What remains to be overcome in 3D for you individually despite prevailing conditions including ancestral?Register Today
Ushering in the New DynamicMarch 10with Yogananda - Correlate with the spinal vertebrae, time space continuum, chakras and restorative dynamic infusions and movementRegister Today
Creating Your New TimelineMarch 17with AdamaRegister Today
Energy for Heart ExpansionMarch 24with EmmanuelRegister Today
Steps into A New Reality: Welcome!March 31with ThothRegister Today
Plus 2 Classes
Ra SpeaksApril 7RaRegister Today
Spiritual LawsApril 14Djwal KhulRegister Today

COSTS:  Cost of the 9-class package is $200.00; 11-class package is $250.00; individual classes are $25.00. Transcriptions of classes available, by the end of the week ONLY to those who attend classes. Transcriptions are $5.00 per class.

The teleconferences are scheduled to begin at 4:00 PM Pacific Time / 5:00 PM Mountain time / 6:00 PM Central time / 7:00 PM Eastern Time.

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Our World Service meditation, Anchoring Light, begins one hour prior to the channeling.

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A Second Note from Lois

Lois at PyramidThis year am seeking to set up a trip to Egypt to explore further the mysteries and work we have done with Thoth, Horus, Isis and The Hathors and more. The energies there are powerful and offer an opportunity to tap into aspects of self we did not know were within us. It’s a complex and magical place. In discussing this with the travel people there, I am wanting to explore itineraries, prices and best times to go. They have suggested May, Sept. or Oct. (which is what Thoth said to me). So I am wondering how many of you who have indicated interest in the past would wish to go and what time frame would work for you. Obviously others are possible, but some with more tourist traffic and perhaps hotter or colder weather or greater costs. Could you give me an idea if this is something of interest and what time frame would be suitable? Please email me for more information. It will help me to formulate a plan. Thanks! Love, Lois

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Anchoring Light Meditation

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THE AIDS REVOLUTION: A Spiritual Perspective

with Freddie Mercury, Masters Thoth and Hilarion
channeled by Lois Hartwick

Freddy Mercury

Beloved darlings of light ~

I come to you with a happy and full heart today, although I must say it has not always been that way. At least there has been enormous transition that has taken place in my spirit and soul. When I came to move through this dynamic of having this illness, I knew music would be my salvation. I did not know consciously it was because it had a specific vibration I was able to bring into my being day after day after day, even though I was experiencing levels of depression or pain or a variety of changes within my body I did not want to see or go through, that music became the sole drive to take me through this given situation.

Because of that, I had in some ways a much better experience than many others. On the other hand, there was much judgment placed upon me and people endlessly seeking some story for the newspapers, for the media, for the gossip columns, so that I became such an object of pursuit and not in a happy and joyous fashion. This in and of itself became a greater effort for me to hide, and at some point I did not choose to face the public as I was.