4 Expressions of Light: Channelings by Lois Hartwick
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Ancient Teachings of the Ankh, Part 2

With Thoth, Elijah and Other Masters

A 4-Teleclass Series Beginning July 5, 2015 at 7:00pm EDT

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I have walked in peace to quiet the hearts of so many who fear the outcome of their lives, whether they be in prison or shivering in an open dairy field covered with snow. Rulers have come and gone in the world, letting many suffer under their watch, having little feelings remaining in their hearts. Much disruption has occurred on your plane for there have been too few to take up the gauntlet and transfer power to those of the earth -- the men and women who came to quell the tides of fascism, of greed, of corporate control, of mishandling the lands, and obliterating the skies.

Now I will rise again in the hearts of many -- calling for what you know and carry within your very being -- that I am walking in the world with you. There is much change ahead. The wisdom from years of having little equal voice in the onslaught of humanity will not resurface as a cause. There will be disruption among the tribes - those of the native Americans and those of different native religions and cultures. This creates fear for some. Allow in your hearts to know that what is ahead must be opened to All That Matters; all that can be broken into and fed to your plane that is of Truth. Stand firm and know you walk the path of the White Way of myself Wakan Tanka.

Natives are scared in remembering but a change comes forth to bring peoples to their knees remembering what they came here to do. This world has much to offer and hold onto. Too many forget. Now it happens once more that the great leaders of the past and myself walk with all of you. A time for the rightful heirs come through.

Your bravery is held together; the light speaks to you each day. I am the Path of Peace; I am you.

Wakan Tanka

"Wakan Tanka is the Sioux name for the Great Spirit or Great Mystery. Wakan Tanka is thought the creator of the world or universe; believed to be the All-Providing One. This Spirit is paid reverence as providing for the needs of everyone. This reverence is displayed when the people honor the four directions, the Sun, Mother Earth, and their fellow man because these are Wakan Tanka's creation; when honoring them, people honor the spirit of Wakan Tanka which resides within each of them. The American Native does not attempt to describe this Great Power that Created All because 'it is a Mystery,' they advise, 'leave it alone; no one describe such a vast mystery.' "

- Lois Hartwick
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Angel Orb

This photograph was taken by Irene Raine, a member of our group for many years. She had many orbs on her property as her photographs frequently displayed. This picture, however, was most unique and exceptional. Toward the bottom left corner you will see not only an orb, but a figure within it. Altough we are seeing more and more orbs both photographically and visually today, none show a being within. Previously in asking about the orbs, I was told they are Libraries of Light. In this case, however, when I asked who this was or what it meant, I was simply told, "This is an Archangel. " And so the entire site is designed with this figure and energy in mind, as well as the remembrance, love and gratitude we hold for Irene.

This site was originally initiated at Sananda's request to connect with a world community of readers for his Messages. For more than twenty years material has been presented publically through Lois Hartwick from Hilarion, St. Germain, Thoth, Lord Maitreya, Sananda, and recently, Mother Mary, as well as others, to a small dedicated group of people meeting weekly in western Massachusetts. In the early years, Hilarion and A. Gabriel offered an unusual geometric group meditative practice called "Anchoring Light: Acupuncture for the Earth". We practice it each week, anchoring light to our plane, as well as supporting the healing of our planet, people, animal friends, and plants.

Please see below for recent channelings by Lois. Check back often for more soon-to-come updates.

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