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Sign of the Times: Teachings of the Temple by Serapis Bey

From Jan. 14, 2018 to Feb. 25, 2018
Sundays @ 7:00 PM ~ Eastern Time

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In alignment with the higher teachings which have been pervading this planet for eons of time, both Thoth and Serapis Bey will be presenting material for your greater awareness and understanding, as well as practice in meditation. The additional benefit is to recognize within oneself these ancient teachings and reawaken your purpose and intention here.

This informational practice is designed to uplift your frequency through the time period ahead with much change within it. Too much change can distract from original intent. Present will be energies long seeded in this planet now being unleashed, affecting thinking, feeling and actions. Yet within the practices so many have adhered to over these latter years, with expectations of clearing, there has been a series of more difficult adjustments to make, and in some cases, grappling with the lessons before you. It is not a time of great ease and comfort, yet the inner worlds of peace strongly exist, as well as understandings for guidance each day.

Both Thoth and Serapis have certain jurisdictions and auspices in what they share during this time. Serapis will continue with the teachings previously given at the Temple, only expanded and in some cases, with further depth for your consideration. (All prior teachings are available. Contact Lois or Martha if interested.) These teachings came forth after certain Initiates took several lower degrees and completed them in the Mystery Schools in Atlantis and Egypt and were then passed down into other cultures as well.

Many were taught at the time to maintain certain vibrational levels in one's body for these degrees to be earned, and later for aspects of rulership. Much was put to practice for the times ahead when ascension was a permissible topic that could be shared and presented to the world in religious forms such as song, stories, written word and beliefs. The time has come for the practices to come forth as one's liberation, in a sense, and to open the door to wider expressions of self in the cosmos. Practices complete such a picture, making possible the trailblazing efforts which have long sought expression in one's heart and reality.

The Emerald Tablets are additional teachings manifested, in part, in the form of book today gleaned from ancient tablets from Thoth. Yet he, author of such work, has additional explanation and offerings of such material for us. This will be woven into the ascension material for much understanding exists within this treatise. It would also be helpful to have a copy of this book with its multilayered expressions to read again and again.

Both Serapis and Thoth are loving but committed masters of light and wisdom seeking to awaken us as to who we are and what we've come in to do. Many of us have experienced aspects of this material in the past, and specific encodings will tweak such remembrances.

This is the second of a two-part series consisting of seven channeled sessions. Anyone unfamiliar with Lois' work with Serapis and Thoth may request an MP3 from the first class of the last series on Teachings of the Temple. The cost of $20.00 will be pro-rated toward this series should you decide to join with us. There are no pre-requisites to sign up for the series.

NOTE: There have been problems with the RTTO website. It has been up and down and it may not be available when this notice reaches you.The host company and Martha are continuing to work to get it fixed. Because of this reason, alternative payment options are being offered:

The cost of the second 7-week series is $168.00. Transcriptions of the class sessions are available (usually towards the end of the week) for $35.00; total for the two is $203.00.

1) To register via PayPal, go to your PayPal account and login. Then select Tools / Send Money / Pay for goods or services; next select or enter Lois' email: and the proper amount and press send.

2) If you wish to pay via check, please email Lois and let us know you plan to send payment via check. Make check payable to Lois Hartwick and mail it to her at 188 Maple Ave, Great Barrington MA 01230. A teleconference number will be provided prior to each class and after your payment is received.

Free Anchoring Light Meditation

Every Sunday prior to the channelings, Lois conducts a meditation which from now on will be free and available to all. Please go the Anchoring Light Meditation webpage to read more information including the new time and number.

Anchoring Light Meditation

A Spiritual Perspective

Freddy Mercury

with Freddie Mercury, Masters Thoth and Hilarion
channeled by Lois Hartwick

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Beloved darlings of light ~

I come to you with a happy and full heart today, although I must say it has not always been that way. At least there has been enormous transition that has taken place in my spirit and soul. When I came to move through this dynamic of having this illness, I knew music would be my salvation. I did not know consciously it was because it had a specific vibration I was able to bring into my being day after day after day, even though I was experiencing levels of depression or pain or a variety of changes within my body I did not want to see or go through, that music became the sole drive to take me through this given situation.

Because of that, I had in some ways a much better experience than many others. On the other hand, there was much judgment placed upon me and people endlessly seeking some story for the newspapers, for the media, for the gossip columns, so that I became such an object of pursuit and not in a happy and joyous fashion. This in and of itself became a greater effort for me to hide, and at some point I did not choose to face the public as I was.

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Loss and Compassion

June 5, 2016, 7:00 PM EDT

with Mother Mary and Freddie Mercury
channeled by Lois Hartwick

Cost: $22

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DIVINE HELP ~ Exploring the Higher Realms and Those in Specific Service

Divine Help

June 12 ~ August 21, 2019 (inclusive)
Every Sunday minus one, 7:00 PM EDT

Lead by Master Thoth & Archangel Gabriel
channeled by Lois Hartwick

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The importance and the depth of these classes in regards to the expansion of consciousness and of light on a personal level and a planetary level are immeasurable ... profound! ... for those with eyes to see and ears to hear! ... --D.H.C., Santa Fe, NM
Lois provides a beautiful haven of opportunity to meld and flow with the immense love, wisdom, and truth brought through her wonderful channel from the many Ascended Masters, Angels and enlightened beings guiding our remembrance and embrace of who and what we truly are. In love and gratitude, it is so exciting to me! --Ellen in Scotland
These classes have been instrumental in expanding every part of my life and the way I perceive reality. The lessons have been powerful on so many levels and have changed me in ways I couldn't have imagined a year ago. The wisdom of the Masters is profound, as is their vision of all of us taking these courses, and the world we are creating together. With gratitude and appreciation I thank the Masters and Lois for this opportunity. --J.P., Canton, CT
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Angel Orb

This photograph was taken by Irene Raine, a member of our group for many years. She had many orbs on her property as her photographs frequently displayed. This picture, however, was most unique and exceptional. Toward the bottom left corner you will see not only an orb, but a figure within it. Altough we are seeing more and more orbs both photographically and visually today, none show a being within. Previously in asking about the orbs, I was told they are Libraries of Light. In this case, however, when I asked who this was or what it meant, I was simply told, "This is an Archangel. " And so the entire site is designed with this figure and energy in mind, as well as the remembrance, love and gratitude we hold for Irene.

This site was originally initiated at Sananda's request to connect with a world community of readers for his Messages. For more than twenty years material has been presented publically through Lois Hartwick from Hilarion, St. Germain, Thoth, Lord Maitreya, Sananda, and recently, Mother Mary, as well as others, to a small dedicated group of people meeting weekly in western Massachusetts. In the early years, Hilarion and A. Gabriel offered an unusual geometric group meditative practice called "Anchoring Light: Acupuncture for the Earth". We practice it each week, anchoring light to our plane, as well as supporting the healing of our planet, people, animal friends, and plants.

Please see below for recent channelings by Lois. Check back often for more soon-to-come updates.

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